Foundations (FN)

Foundations (FN)
Begin your ceramic project with Foundations® as the surface. Available in gloss opaque, gloss translucent and matte finishes.

Foundations® glazes are available in a broad assortment of colors, opacities, and textures. Foundations® glazes dry quickly, allowing immediate additional decorating and same day firing.  They easily serve as the basic “foundation” glaze for any ceramic studio – be that in a school, home or your retail studio.
Foundations® Opaque – Broad palette of colors that produce a beautiful, smooth high gloss finish and can be intermixed for custom colors.
Foundations® Sheer – These soft translucent glazes add a tint of color to your work, allowing surface textures or design to show through.
Foundations® Matte – Fires to a beautiful, soft subdued matte finish.  Matte finish will increase in glossiness if fired higher than 1000°C.

Shake for 5-6 seconds before use. Dispense glaze onto a palette (tile, plate, etc.) and apply with your brush or decorating accessory of choice (sponge, stamp, etc.). Foundations® glazes were designed to mature at 1000°C-1040°C. Apply 2-3 coats, on 1060°C bisque, allowing surface to dry in-between coats. Foundations® dries quickly and speeds up your ability to handle or perform additional decorating. Glaze fires to high-gloss finishes (excludes mattes), therefore does not need to be clear glazed. When applying to a large surface, we recommend a broad, soft brush. Try to get the brush fully saturated (loaded) and apply each coat in the same direction to minimize brush marks.
Foundations® have been formulated to mature at 1000-1040°C. However most will maintain their color at higher temperatures. Their performance at 1230°C is noted on each individual product label. We recommend testing on your clay body and in your kiln prior to use.