Designer Glazes

Designer Glazes
Duncan Enterprises is fashionably proud to introduce these Duncan Designer Glazes™ in addition to a line of premium ceramic arts glazes inspired by Fashion Couture to turn fashion designer elements into home décor!

Now, Duncan makes it easier to create decorative pieces for the home that invoke the feelings of fabrics, textures, and colors in your life! The lustrous finish, accented by the unique color breaks make each piece – simply stunning!

“It’s all about a high-end look for your home while expressing your personal style,” said Dean Saether, Senior Product Manager – Ceramic Arts. “Bringing the fashion designer’s palette into home décor will make living spaces reflect the individuality of the homeowner while utilizing the shapes and natural elements of ceramic arts!

With fashionably named colors like Distressed Denim, Organza Orange, Carbon Chiffon, Natural Linen, Forest Flannel, Crimson Chenille, Khaki Canvas, Teal Tweed and Saffron Silk, Duncan Designer Glazes™ instantly bring to mind everyone’s favorite fabrics that are sure to inspire one-of-a-kind creations. The lustrous finish, accented by the unique color breaks these glazes produce, will make each piece….a masterpiece!

The consistent results that Duncan Designer Glazes™ provide, coupled with their versatility and ease of use make these glazes ideal for both the casual ceramist and professional alike. Duncan Designer Glazes™ work in perfect harmony with other Duncan glazes and underglazes as well as in combination with each other for dramatic results.