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Ing. Tripp & Partner OG
Hausmannstättener Straße 33
A-8072 Fernitz bei Graz

Welcome at Keramikbedarf – specialized trade for ceramic supply!

Beinig artistic and creative, acting on feelings – all of that can be done when making pottery. Our Onlineshop provides a broad range of ceramic supply and pottery supply.

For this purpose, we offer brush-on glazes / liquid glazes, powdered glazes, colors, kilns, pottery wheels and a broad range of pottery tools. In all categories you can expect high quality products: at kilns, we rely on the leading manufacturers Rohde and Nabertherm. You can chose between plenty of ceramic kilns, lots of models and different designs, be it as top loading kiln or front loading kiln. In glazes, we offer as Austrian distributor all glazes and colors of Duncan and liquid products of Terracolor and Nabertherm.

Beside offering products for ceramists, potters, schools and therapeutical institutions (glazes, pottery wheels, brush on glazes, liquid glazes, kilns) we organize pottery classes and individual trainings on special products and techniques.

These products you will find at Keramikbedarf

These and many other products related to the topic of ceramics, pottery, glazes and more can be found right in the shop for ceramic supplies and pottery supplies.

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